Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grandparent Activities

Grandparents play an important role in a child’s life. It is common for grandparents nowadays to be either the primary caregiver for grandchildren or to reside in the same household with them. Children can learn a lot from grandparents and it’s always fun for kids to play with them.

Grandparents can be great role models and a positive influence on children. Children who have relationships with grandparents feel a strong sense of their heritage and family history. There are ways to bond with grandparents by keeping in contact through written letters, phone calls, or sending pictures.

If you are a grandparent and are in need for some ideas of activities you can do with your grandchild, take a look at these activities that are fun for kids and support child development.

Baby in the Mirror
Place your grandchild in front of a mirror and point out body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, legs, arms). You can also play hide and seek by stepping away from the mirror and moving back in front of it. Doing this will enhance self awareness in your grandchild.
Sound It Out
Entertain your grandchild with sounds! Gather several objects that make different noises by tapping, shaking, or moving. Let your grandchild hold and explore the different objects to enhance thinking skills and motor development.
Finger Plays
Sing songs to your grandchild while using hand movements. Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, or Patty Cake are great examples of songs that involve hand motions while singing.
Squishy Sponges
Play outside with wet sponges. Let your grandchild wash bikes or stamp wet sponges onto the sidewalk. Teaching your grandchild how to squeeze the sponge to let the water out builds fine and gross motor skills.
Shadow Play
Play with shadow shapes in a dark room. Shine a flashlight on a wall and use your hand to create shapes, or let your grandchild see what happens when you wave your hand in front of the light.
Point It Out
Help build child connection between words and pictures by reading to your grandchild. As you read, ask your grandchild to point to objects, people, or animals on the page. If they are not able to locate the correct object, point and show them. This activity helps children build vocabulary and language skills.

Try the Two-Step
This game requires giving your grandchild two-step directions. For example, "Run to the ball and throw it to me" or "Get your doll and give it a hug". Playing this game can help build listening skills in children and will keep them active. 
That’s a Wrap!
Bubble wrap is a great object to use to entertain children. Show your grandchild how to pop the bubble wrap by jumping on it or popping it with your fingers.
Teach your grandchild new words by singing songs. Use songs that you sang from your childhood to continue family traditions. Singing with your grandchild is always a good way to bond and build fun memories.

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