Friday, May 6, 2016

Team Member Spotlight: Kim

U Football Groom's Cake
When you meet someone, you typically have the "small talk" as you are trying to get to know them. It's always hard to know what to ask and how much of yourself to share. You have to judge how much they are willing to share, and how much they want to hear about your story. Personally, I am an open book, and willing to share practically any question you might be brave enough to ask...So feel free to comment and ask!!

I have a car named "Feisty" which I think also describes me pretty well. I love to play games, do puzzles, watch movies, and talk. I also very much enjoy problem solving, so if you have a problem, let me help solve it!

I love playing games of all types. My favorite Disney princess is Jasmine (because who wouldn't want a tame tiger for a pet??) I also LOVE to travel! My favorite place so far has been Paris, mainly because of the Eiffel Tower.

I grew up in the Salt Lake Area, went to Utah State University (GO AGGIES!!!) I moved back to Salt Lake when I graduated. I am 27, and I got married last summer to the most amazing man, who is a die hard U fan. I have learned and grown so much in the short months since we have gotten married. Hopefully, my waistline will grow into a baby soon.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and I focused mostly on development and substance abuse, so I was very excited when I received the chance to work at Help Me Grow. What better way to put my passion of development with my desire to help make a difference in to better use? Supporting parents and being their sounding board has been such an amazing and rewarding experience, one that I'm excited to continue.

Anything else you want to know? Now's your chance to ask away!

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