Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where Will I Deliver My Baby?

Congratulations! You are having a baby! Now comes the list of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things to plan for. One of the things on your list will be where to have your baby. My mom had all five of her children in a hospital. Each experience was different, but that was where she felt most comfortable. My Grandma had some of her children in a hospital and some in her home, but this was more because she had to rather than she wanted to.

Now, however, there are so many ways and places to deliver your baby. Today I’m going to focus on the places. They all have “reasons to do them” and “things that can interfere”, but they are all places that are common to have babies.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adventures of Jodi the Scoot-girl

Scooting.  Not crawling, scooting.  That is how I began my major gross motor movements in my life.  I had little desire to crawl, or at least my mom says so.  She also comments from time to time that I didn't want to walk either. 15 months. That’s how long it took me to walk.  With three older siblings, who needed to move themselves?  Despite my lack of crawling and my lack of desire to walk, once I started moving, I didn’t stop.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why Do Children Talk to Themselves?

Have you ever wondered why children talk to themselves so frequently?  Laura E. Berk addresses this question in her book, Awakening Children's Minds and uses the term "private speech" to describe this behavior. Berk states that private speech "becomes an indispensable tool for self-regulation--the central means through which children take over the support provided by others, turn it toward the self, and use it to guide and control their own thinking and behavior." 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Attendance Adds Up

One in ten kindergarten and first grade students are chronically absent, meaning they miss 18 or more school days. Missing just a few day each month can quickly add up to a potential problem.

September marks Attendance Awareness Month, a national initiative to promote the important role school attendance plays in a student's academic success. While missing a few days here and there may seem innocent, these instances can develop into habits that can have an effect on your child’s education.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guest Blogger: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression

Lizzie Langston is a mom of two by day, and a singer-songwriter by night. She loves to connect with other moms via instagram, follow her @lizzielangston In this blog post she shares her personal experience with Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety—how they first presented, how she recognized them, got the help she needed and healed.
Lizzie’s also shares this story in a video on YouTube. View it here
The creepy thing about postpartum depression and anxiety is that you can seem completely fine to people who aren't around your for more than a short conversation. I remember family coming to visit me while I was in postpartum recovery at the hospital; they left thinking I was doing great, everything normal. But I was overwhelmingly lost and struck with fear on the inside. At the time of this photo (about three months after giving birth to my second child), I was facing paralyzing anxiety regularly. I was still having panic attacks every 2-3 days (some in the middle of the night--the worst), and I felt out of control. Panic attacks and regular anxiety were completely new to me, and the most mind-boggling part was: I did not have a clue why it was happening. But it was. And it was starting to become an exhausting way to live.