Friday, May 13, 2016

Don't be Crying Out the Baby Blues!

Although mothers prepare for nine months for their baby to come, bringing home a baby can be overwhelming, exhausting, scary, and unexpected among many other things! Between feeding, burping, changing diapers, and sleepless nights, it may be hard to take time for yourself. Around 50-80% of new moms report experiencing "baby blues" which could then lead to a one in ten chance of getting postpartum depression. While these statistics may seem scary, many mothers never experience any symptoms of the baby blues or postpartum depression.

   Symptoms of the baby blues include:
 ·         Crying for no apparent reason
                                                     ·         Anxiety
                                                     ·         Fatigue
                                                     ·         Irritability
                                                     ·         Sadness
                                                     ·         Poor Concentration
                                                     ·         Mood Changes

In many cases the “baby blues” will happen within the first four to five days after giving birth. Nobody knows the exact cause, but it is thought to be associated with the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy and after the baby is born. The symptoms of the “baby blues” range in how long they last; a few minutes up to a few hours every day. Symptoms should slowly go away in the first two weeks after delivery.

There are many things mothers can do to help themselves get through the “baby blues” and take care of their body while being a mom. The best way to decrease the symptoms of the “baby blues” is taking care of a mother’s body. Some things mom can do to help include:
  • Talk with someone you trust about how you are feeling.
  •   Maintain a well-balanced diet. Taking care of a new baby may leave less time for you to focus on eating correctly, and too many simple carbohydrates can make mood swings more pronounced.
  • Although it still may be cold outside, try to enjoy fresh air and life outside the confines of diapers, feedings, and spit-up! Sometimes just a few minutes of fresh air can make a huge difference.
  • ASK FOR HELP! It’s OK to admit that you’re not perfect and that you need help! Ask for help with meals, other children, or just someone to talk to. Getting into a routine can also help you focus on the joy of having a new baby and not just the pressure of juggling it all.
  •  YOU ARE NOT PERFECT! Don’t expect perfection during the first few weeks of bringing your baby home. Give yourself time to heal from birth, to adjust to your new full time “job,” and for feeding and sleeping routines to settle in.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, the “baby blues” are completely normal. Mothers who know what the symptoms are can often help get themselves back on track and healthy. No mother deserves to be crying out the baby blues!


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