Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resource Spotlight!

I’m sure many of you have heard of kids on the move. It is an agency that supports the development of young children and families in our community. Did you know that some of their services include PARENT TRAINING AND SUPPORT?

 Kids on the Move, has a great program called “Great Beginnings Class”. It is a series of three 90-minute classes for parents on communication development in young children (birth-to-age-3). These classes offer valuable information for ANY PARENT, but particularly those with concerns about their child's expressive communication (what he says) or receptive communication (what she understands).

Session 1: Building a Strong Foundation for Language Development: describes how and why children communicate and the developmental skills necessary for language development.

Session 2: Why Doesn't My Child Talk? Discusses how problems with hearing, oral motor skills, and cognitive skills can interfere with language development.

Session 3: Speech Strategies & Learning to Talk! Teaches parents specific things they can do to help a child learn to talk.

Hours of Operation: Meets on a weekly basis for a 3 week duration. Call for current schedule.

The general public is invited to participate on a space-available basis.

Languages Spoken: English Fees: $30 for series of 3 classes, unless part of other services.

Primary Contact: Jessica Nix, Early Intervention Specialist, (801) 221-9930 ext. 156

Address: 475 West 260 North
         Orem, UT 84057

If you would like more information, just call them!

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