Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

As Mothers is often hard to think
When toys are on the ground and dishes in the sink
That all you do from day to day
Is making a difference in any way.

Your day starts much earlier than before
There is no sleeping in for you anymore!
The baby is hungry and starting to fuss
The others are sleeping so you tend to him in a rush.

As soon as he is fed, his siblings begin to stir
The rest of the morning goes by in a blur!
Before you know it, it’s a quarter to noon
You’ll need to start making dinner soon!

By 2 o’clock a miracle is happening
All three of your little ones are napping!
You can finally shower and get dressed, too!
Then you realize you are out of shampoo.

You know that no matter how hard you try
When you get a minute alone, the baby will cry
You feel so happy you’ve organized the toys
Then realized you are raising messy boys!

You go to the park to enjoy the nice weather
You smile as the kids play so nicely together.
But before another blink of your eye
They start to fight and you sit there and sigh.

You shout for joy when daddy pulls in
You can’t wait to tell him what a day it’s been!
Dinner, then baths and bedtime routine
You give kisses and wish them “sweet dreams.”

Just as you start to walk out of the room
One of them whispers, “I love you, mom!”
You smile and give them one more hug
And leave the room feeling so much love.

As you look around from the mess of the day
You think, “I did make a difference today!”
The kids went to bed feeling love and affection
And that is my idea of perfection.

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