Friday, June 17, 2016

Even Superman Needs A Dad

Growing up, my Dad was my hero, and if I'm being honest, he still is. I can remember anxiously waiting by the door for him to get home from work to begin our nights of catch, wrestling, card games, bike rides, and much more. He taught me how to play catch, how to ride a bike, and how to drive.  

This poem entitled "Superman's Dad" by Steevun Lemon, accompanied with a picture by Liz Lemon Swindle, has stuck with me since I was a child. It embodies many of the things that I, and I'm sure many of you, picture when you think of all the things your Dad taught you! 

Superman's Dad
You taught me how to tie my shoes 
And how to catch a ball.
You taught me how to ride a bike 
And how to climb a wall.

You taught me how to mow a lawn

And how to build a fire.
You taught me how to drive a car
And how to change a tire.

You taught me how to be a friend 

To those who needed one. 
You taught me how to work until
I knew the job was done. 

You didn't wear a cape or leap

Tall buildings in a bound.
But you did something greater still
And all without a sound.

You caught me every time I fell

You still believe I can.
You are my greatest hero dad
You are my Superman 

Now as I read this poem, I get nostalgic and think of precious memories I have with my Dad and of all of the things he has done for me throughout my life! However, it also makes me think of all of the important roles that fathers and father figures fulfill in the lives of children. Lets take a look at who a father is and why he is so important!

Fathers are central to the emotional well-being of their children. 
Studies have found that children with involved fathers can better tolerate stress and frustration, are better at problem solving, and have better control over their emotions and impulses. 

A father’s involvement can have powerful effects on a child’s cognitive development.
Infants as young as 5 months old score higher on measures of cognitive development if they have highly involved fathers, and kids whose dads are active participants in their lives do better across the spectrum of educational competence

Your child’s relationship with their father can affect all of their relationships throughout life. 
The interactions and relationships a father has with their children will have a significant influence on their interactions with others throughout their lives. Girls will look for partners who model the same characteristics as her father. On the other hand, boys typically model themselves after their fathers and will copy the behaviors they see as familiar and successful.  

 Dads, you are invaluable! 
A report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes: “Too many fathers become convinced that they are simply an extra set of hands to help around the house, rather than irreplaceable to their children." This simply is not the case, Dads play a vital role in all aspects of their child's development and should be given credit for doing so. The benefits of having an involved father or father figure are truly extensive and invaluable! 

So, to all the amazing and involved Dads out there, thank you for all that you do, you really are making a difference! 

Happy Fathers Day! 

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