Wednesday, September 16, 2015

National Hunger Action Month

September is National Hunger Action Month to raise awareness for the thousands of Americans who face hunger. In Utah, 1 in 5 kids don't have consistent access to nutritious meals.   Nutrition plays a key role in development starting even before birth.

Effects of food insecurity during pregnancy 
  • Increase risk of birth complications
  • Increase risk of low birth weight
  • Increase risk of birth defects
Effects of food insecurity during childhood
  • Higher risk of chronic illness, poor health, and hospitalization
  • Higher instances of oral health problems
  • Higher risk for behavioral issues
  • Higher risk for aggression, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder
  • Poor school readiness and performance
  • Delayed cognitive development

Take action and join the movement against food insecurity to make a child's future brighter. Get involved with your local food bank or other organization to help children and families get the nutrients they need.  

- Caitlin 

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