Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mommy, Wow! We're All Grown Up Now

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Each and every parent waits in great and nervous anticipation for their children’s milestone moments: crawling, first steps, off to school and—finally—launching them from home. After almost five years of existence, Help Me Grow has reached some of its own milestone moments—many of them under the carefully guided hand of Utah County leaders, who possessed great foresight. These years of nurturing have given rise to services seen fit to now go beyond the bounds of the Wasatch Front. And so, with great support from our state, we’re happy to announce that Help Me Grow is now “all grown up” and able to support families across the state of Utah!

On our end, we’re filled with gratitude for the generous funding provided by the Department of Workforce Services and various divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services. Due to this funding, we have diligently been hiring qualified workers to be placed throughout the state. Their primary role is to get to know your community and the services there to help families with young children. The staff members in our current offices have been discussing and planning for this expanded growth; they have begun to learn about the resources and supports in their newly assigned areas of Utah.

For you, we hope this means you feel a new sense of excitement! All of the behind the scenes work is moving forward and is now here for you to take advantage of. Tell your family, friends, doctor, and anyone else where you live that they need to get to know Help Me Grow. Tell all these same people across the state the same thing. Share your story with us here (by commenting below) so others can
see that being “all grown up” is a blessing and the state didn't go wrong in launching our rapid expansion.

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We’re as proud as any parents can be. But, more importantly, we’re thrilled! Thrilled that hard work eventually pays off; thrilled by the support from our state; thrilled that our small steps have moved us to this big moment; and thrilled beyond measure that we can now come to you to find and enrich the sense of family and community where you live. The old adage is endlessly true. It takes a village to raise a child. Help Me Grow wants to be part of the village to help you be the best parents you can while raising our future. Together we’ll do it!

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