Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is your Child Ready to Start Potty Training? Find Out How to Know if it's the Right Time!

Every new parent always has the same question of...
“When should I start potty training my child”

Although most children start potty training between 22 to 30 months, every child is going to start at a completely different time.  One of the most important things to remember is that if you push your child to start early and they aren't ready then it can lead to frustration for both you and the child.  Before children can begin to start potty training, they have to be able to have the basic motor skills mastered by themselves.  Once they are physically ready for potty training then it's time to make sure they are emotionally ready! MamaOT shares some signs that your child may be ready to start the adventure of potty training:

  • Your child experiences discomfort when wet or soiled
  • Your child indicates that he or she has a dirty diaper
  • Your child has regular bowel movements on a fairly consistent basis
  • Your child can sit on a potty for a short time when placed on it
  • Your child demonstrates a pattern of being able to stay dry for about two hours or more at a time
  • Your child can pull down their pants independently
  • Your child demonstrates interest in watching and imitating other' bathroom-related actions
  • Your child can follow basic directions
These are only a few of the list that MamaOT shares! Check out the link to see more detailed information.

Now that you have seen the signs that your child is ready, do you want to know some helpful tips? Kids Health has a great list of how to help with the potty training process, but just remember that it doesn't happen overnight.

  • Set aside some time to devote to the potty-training process
  • Don't force your child to sit on the toilet again his or her will
  • Show your child how to sit on the toilet
  • Establish a routine
  • Try to catch your child in the act of pooping
  • Have your child sit on the potty within 15 to 30 minutes after meals
  • If your child has pooped in their pants, remove it from the diaper and put it in the toilet to teach children where poop goes
  • Don't have uneasily removable clothing on children when potty training (Overalls, lots of layers of clothing)
  • Allow your child to go a certain amount of time throughout the day without wearing a diaper. If they don't have an accident then you can reward them somehow
  • For the boys: have "target practice"
  • Reward your child with small things (stickers, stamps, etc.)
  • Make sure all caregivers (babysitters, grandparents, childcare workers) follow the same routine of bathroom time and use the same names for body parts
Once you feel ready to conquer the task of starting the potty training process, remember to be patient with your child. It will happen and every child will be different!  

Do any of you experienced potty-training parents have any suggestions or other tips that would be helpful to those parents struggling with teaching their child the tricks of potty-training?

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