Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ready, Set, Pin!

Are you one of those individuals who is always on the internet looking for fun and creative ideas?  Or maybe you are even looking for advice on how to do something, such as parenting tips or how to teach your child!  Maybe you are even a regular on Pinterest! 

If you love to find different resources from blogs, websites, and other sites, have you checked out Help Me Grow's Pinterest page?  Help Me Grow has many different boards filled with resources and ideas available to you to help you become the best parent you can be!  Here is a list of boards with descriptions that Help Me Grow's Pinterest page has to offer!
Help Me Grow
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Activities and Crafts
Fun, simple, educational crafts & activities for kids
All About School
Tools and resources to get kids ready for school as well as links about bullying
Resources and information on Autism Spectrum Disorder
Children’s Books
Links to book reviews, book lists and other literacy related sites
Christmas craft and activity ideas
Community Resources (Utah County)
Links to referrals to community resources, such as early intervention agencies, family therapy organizations, literacy support organizations, mentoring and tutoring programs, parenting classes and support groups, recreational opportunities, and much more.
Easter craft and activity ideas
EveryDay Learners
Activities that encourage learning and literacy and support United Way’s EveryDay Learner’s initiative
Family Resources
Tips, information, and resources covering all sorts of family issues: babysitting, chores, cleaning, fathering, organizing, traveling, products, etc.
Fine Motor Milestones/Activities
Activities and information about development of the small muscle groups
Green Baby
The non-toxic alternative to keeping babies healthy and happy
Healthy Living
Information on keeping baby healthy and safe
HMG Resource Sheets
Parenting suggestions and activity sheets created by Help Me Grow Utah
Halloween/Autumn craft and activity ideas
It’s Baby Time
Tips and resources for new parents with a baby
July 4th
Patriotic craft and activity ideas
Just for Mom
For all you mom’s out there-take time for yourself and your health
Music Fun!
Music is important in child development.  Make an instrument and music activities with your kiddos
Parenting Tips
Information about sleep, eating, teething, potty training, CPR, etc.
Science Projects
Science experiments and projects to teach young learners about science
Sensory Activities
It’s all about “feel!” Sensory activities are key for child development
Sneaky Nutrition
Tricks on how to sneak in fruits, vegetables, etc. into kids diets
Speech and language milestones for young children
St. Patrick’s
St. Patty’s craft and activity ideas
Summer Activities
Activity ideas to keep your kids busy & active throughout summer
Technology for Kids!
Technology is one good way to teach your kids! Educational and safety apps will enforce and continue learning
Thanksgiving/Autumn craft and activity ideas
Toddlers, toddlers, toddlers
Information on how to teach, discipline and deal with your toddler
Valentine’s craft and activity ideas
Welcome Baby
Informative and educational information from Welcome Baby's Blog
Welcome Baby Playgroup
Great ideas for neighborhood and community playgroups or fun activities to do with your children
Baby milestones to know whether your child is on track with development

Now that you've seen a list of all the boards Help Me Grow has to offer, are you excited to go pin away?! Get ready...get set...go start pinning from Help Me Grow's Pinterest page and let us know of your favorite finds!

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