Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to School

As much as we may not like to admit it, school is quickly approaching. And for some of us it has already begun. It's never too soon to start preparing your child to return to school. Here are some quick tips to help make the transition back to school, easier. 
1. Adjust their sleep schedule gradually. Summer means later bedtimes for most kids. Easing them slowly back into an earlier bed time will help the transition back to school. Simply put your child in bed 15 minutes earlier each week for the month before school starts.

2. Prevent rude awakenings: Later summer bedtimes, generally mean later wake-up times and lazier mornings. Help your child transition from lounging around in the morning to getting up and out for school by planning activities for early morning. Start the morning by going for a walk, or playing outside.

3. Meet their teacher: Most schools have a Back to School Night where you can meet their teacher. Being with your child the first time they meet their teacher may help them to feel more comfortable with their teacher. If it's their first time at the school, you may also want to walk around the school with them so they can become familiar with where things are.
4. Talk with them: Discuss going back to school. Help them feel prepared by talking about their fears. Address what makes them nervous about school, riding the bus, etc.

5. Focus on the Positive: Find the positive aspects of going back to school. Remind your child of all the old friends they will see again, and the new friends they will make. Focus on their favorite school activities, such as P.E., art, etc.

What have you done this year to prepare your kids to get back to school?

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