Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tackling Temper Tantrums

 Temper tantrums can be extremely frustrating. We’ve all been there. You can be enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant, trying to finish your grocery shopping, or even just playing at home when your child has a complete meltdown. At times, it may seem that you are raising a tantrum monster. But take heart! Your child is not throwing a tantrum just to manipulate you. Often tantrums are the result of frustration, as your child learns to better manage their emotions and express their wants.
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Keeping that in mind, it can still be hard to deal with temper tantrums. Here are some tips to help manage temper tantrums.
  1.  Remain Calm: As their tantrum rages, you may find yourself yelling at them to stop. If you get loud, your child will get louder as well. Try to remain calm. If you can remain calm, it will help your child calm down quicker. 
  2. Don't Give In: It may be tempting to just give in and give them what they want. Especially if you are out in public. Try not to worry about what others may think. Remember that anyone who has been a parent, can relate. If you conceded and give in to the tantrum you are teaching your child that a tantrum will get them what they want. 
  3. Don't Punish: We all get emotional. Remember that your child is still developing and learning how to manage their emotions and how to communicate their frustrations, wants, etc. Try not to punish them. Instead, try tip #4. 
  4. Talk: Once your child has calmed down, talk to them. Talk about why they were frustrated. As you talk with them you can help them learn how to better manage their emotions. 
  5. Be Prepared: Pay attention to what sets your child off. If the meltdowns tend to happen when they are hungry, carry a snack with you. If they get upset when it's time to transition from one activity to the next, try to give them a heads up. 
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For even more helpful tips visit The Baby Center website. What other strategies have you found useful in dealing with temper tantrums? Comment Below! 

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