Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Journey of Milestones: Be There.

Children seem to just grow so fast! Don't you think? Sometimes you blink, and they've already gone from crawling, to running all over the house as you try to keep up! As your precious children develop, they embark on a journey of milestones.

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Though there are many milestones children go through, here are some milestones you can look out for so you don't miss a beat! As you check off these milestones, it will help you see how your child is progressing.

6 Months
  • Copies sounds
  • Begins to sit without support
  • Likes to play with others, especially parents
  • Responds to own name
  • Strings vowels together when babbling ("ah," "eh," "oh")
12 Months
  • Uses simple gestures such as shaking head for "no" or waving "bye bye"
  • Copies gestures
  • Responds to simple spoken requests
  • Says "mama" and "dada"
  • Pulls up to stand
18 Months
  • Plays simple pretend, such as feeding a doll
  • Points to show others something interesting
  • Knows what ordinary things are for; for example, telephone, brush, spoon
  • Says several single words
  • Walks alone
2 Years
  • Says sentences with 2 to 4 words
  • Gets excited when with other children
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Kicks a ball
  • Points to things or pictures when they're named
3 Years
  • Copies adults and friends (like running when other children run)
  • Carried on a conversation using 2 to 3 sentences
  • Climbs well
  • Plays make-believe with dolls, animals and people
  • Shows affection for friends without prompting
4 Years
  • Hops and stands on one foot for up to 2 seconds
  • Would rather play with other children than alone
  • Tells stories
  • Draws a person with 2 to 4 body parts
  • Plays cooperatively
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As a parent you may question whether or not your child is on track developmentally. Help Me Grow Utah is a free information line that helps families connect with resources. So, put your mind at ease and check out the resources, information, screening questionnaires, and developmental activities we offer!

We know how important your children are to you. BE with your child as they are on this journey, and don't forget to take lots of pictures for memories!

"Together, we focus on your child's development so you can focus on your child's future."


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