Friday, June 6, 2014

Life hacks for Water Safety

Its summmaaaa time!!! We wanted to give you a few tips on how to safely manage water time with your kids. Here is a great tip from SAFE KIDS in a post provided by them. SAFE KIDS has tons of GREAT safety resources you should check out. Enjoy!

Drowning Prevention Strategy
Many parents, friends, and family face the situation of “Who is watching the kids in the pool?” Unfortunately, this confusion leads to many drowning situations in both indoor and outdoor water areas, such as pools, lake, rivers, etc. In fact, drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children between 1 and 4 years old. And it’s the third leading cause of death among children (Safe Kids Worldwide, 2014).

In order to prevent and reduce injury from drowning, Safe Kids Worldwide has created a Water Watcher card (pictured below). This card states:
“While wearing this tag, I agree to supervise the children in the open water or pool, keeping them in sight at all times. I will not leave the water area without finding an adult to replace me.”
FRONT:                                                              BACK:

In order to make your own Water Watcher card, follow this link to print your own. 

Safe Kids Worldwide has divided water it into three categories: water in the home, swimming safety and boating safety.  They offer tips on those areas.
Link to Safe Kids Worldwide home water safety tips:
Link to Safe Kids Worldwide swimming safety tips:
Link to Safe Kids World Wide boating safety tips:

Come learn more about water safety at the Utah Lake Festival-
It’s time for the 10th annual Utah Lake Festival! The festival will be held on Saturday, June 7, at Utah Lake State Park from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. The address for the park is 4400 West Center Street Provo, Utah, 84601.
The Utah Lake Festival is free to the public, and will offer a variety of activities for everyone. Some of these include a boat show featuring some fun and unique boats, a sail boat regatta, games and activities for kids, boat making demonstrations, and boat tours.
Link about the Utah Lake Festival:

And here is one additional "life hack" for you to try at the beach. Enjoy your summer!

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