Thursday, April 10, 2014

March Playgroup Recap

During March, playgroup was full of spring-themed crafts to welcome in the new season. We wanted to give everyone a chance to make the crafts at home so click on the links below the pictures for a link to the instructions. Happy crafting!

Play Dough
Click HERE for some awesome DIY play dough! 
We started out the month by making homemade, bright green play dough. The kids had pipe cleaners, figurines, beads, stickers and other items to help them create their own “play dough garden.” At the end of the day, everyone got to take home their play dough so the fun and creativity could continue at home.

Wind Socks
Click HERE for instructions! 
Children love to watch the wind blow around outside. Kids will have a blast making their own wind sock and then watching it blow around in the wind. Help your kids learn about the wind and the weather as they create this fun craft.

Water-colors painting
Follow the link HERE and scroll down to#6 on their list!
Bright colors and flowers are iconic parts of spring. We gave the kids at playgroup the chance to use their imaginations and paint their own pictures about spring with some bright water colors. It was so fun to see the kids gets so excited about their new creations. 

For more details click HERE
As Spring comes, we welcome in the rain to replace the cold snow we have had all Winter. To help your child learn more about rain and umbrellas, help them make an umbrella out of a paper plate, popsicle stick, and tinsel. They will have fun pretending to have it rain on them for hours!

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