Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Child Abuse Prevention Month

It’s officially planting season! You may have started to see gardens popping up here and there, but how about a pinwheel garden?! April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and as part of a nationwide public awareness campaign Pinwheels for Prevention is challenging everyone to GET INVOLVED!  

Why a pinwheel? Pinwheels are a symbol of childhood, fun, and laughter. By getting involved and being engaged as a community, we can work together to prioritize prevention from the very beginning. NO child deserves to be neglected or abused.

So what can YOU do?
  • Teach your child about recognizing abuse. Click here to check out the April packet filled with awesome learning tools including:
    • Make your own pinwheel!
    • Plans for parents
    • Activity calendar
    • Creating your own bookmark
    • Coloring sheets
  • Use your voice! Write to your elected official and let them know you care about preventing child abuse and neglect to Utah’s children
  • Show your support, purchase pinwheels and plant your own pinwheel garden!
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Talk about prevention in your community
  • Take action! Organize a small fundraiser to raise awareness in your community
  • Serve on a committee or board

For more information on events, facts, and ways to get involved visit the Prevent Child Abuse Utah website

What are you doing to spread awareness? Let us know! 

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