Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Eat!

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One of a babies favorite past times is feeding time! And as your baby gets older and hits different developmental milestones, they will  start to become more interested in doing things on their own. They start wanting to feed themselves, dress themselves, and show more interest in learning how to do some things independently. 

Here are some developmental milestones from Help Me Grow's Self Help/ Feeding Development handout to help you know what your child should be doing at each age until they are about a year old.  

Birth to 4 Months                                                                                                               
  • Coordinates sucking, swallowing, breathing                                  
  • Latches well to breast or bottle feeding                            
  • Gaining weight at expected rate                                       
4 to 8 months
  • Introduce puree spooned foods
  • Brings hands to mouth with toy or object
  • Shows discomfort when diaper is wet or dirty
8 to 12 Months                                       
  • Holds and munches on crackers 
  • Consistently finger feeding                                         
  • Time to introduce spoon and cup                                              
  • Beginning to help with dressing                                 
12- 18 months

  • Brings spoon to mouth- frequently upside down
  • Sleeps 10-12 hours a night
18-24 months

  • Able to chew completely
  • Self feeds independently
  • Beginning to undress without assistance, especially shoes, socks and pants
24-36 months

  • Able to eat any type of food presented to them
  • May have periods of picky eating
  • Dressing with assistance
  • Unbuttoning large buttons 
Some extra tips and tricks!
-Keep feeding opportunities relaxed
-Realize learning to eat is a messy process
-Allow your child to be involved in meal preparation and serving
-Smile when you serve those vegetables!
-Modeling eating and dressing from family and friends
-Solid sleep patterns are key to a happy baby
-Give opportunities for child to be independent with feeding and dressing
-Practice, practice and practice some more!

What are some of your feeding tips and tricks? Let us know by commenting below! Happy Feeding!

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