Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun in the Springtime Sun!

How great has the weather been lately?! It just makes me want to get out and do stuff! With busy schedules and six long months since we were able to do some fun, WARM outside activities, it can be hard to think of fun things to do in that beautiful springtime sunshine. So I scoured the internet and came up with 10 great ideas for some new or nostalgic, active or relaxing, family-friendly or kid solo activities to do this spring break.

1. Plant something green
Whether you are outside getting an early start on your summer garden...

...or spending a rainy day making a beautiful indoor garden, springtime green is always a happy addition to a home.  

2. Take a hike
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Hiking is a great way to help kids connect with nature. Its also a great way for parents to refresh as well!

3. Go on a bike ride
Get out and enjoy the sunshine while you visit downtown or your local park on a bike ride.

4. Visit a farm
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5. Fly a kite
Flying a kite is the perfect match to a windy spring day. Get nostalgic and show your kids a fun new activity!

6. Jump in puddles
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April showers bring May flowers....and plenty of puddles for kids to play in! Send them out in the rain if you need to get out some of those winter wiggles.

7. Feed the ducks
Ducky ducky! Visit your local duck pond and have a picnic, for you and these cute little animal friends.

8. Pick strawberries
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Don't those look delicious! Investigate local farms in your area that let visitors come and pick their strawberry harvest and get to pickin'.

9. Play with sidewalk chalk

Help your kids create a sidewalk chalk world to take pictures in and then have an afternoon photo session.

10. Take a sun nap
What better way to recharge than to relax in the sun and get in a quick nap. Or a long one!

Get out and enjoy spending some time in the sun, or rain, this spring!

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