Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What happens at parenting class, stays at parenting class....

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Just kidding- we love to share! We just had our first Aspire Parent Group and Ready to Learn parenting workshop of the year and we wanted to pass on what we learned!

First we made parenting resolutions for 2014 which included:
-Having a set dinner time throughout the week
-Preparing an activity list to have on hand when the kids get restless
-When two or more people are sitting at the table, no books, newspapers, phones or computers are allowed
-Making a week long or month long dinner idea list to keep dinnertime less chaotic and more planned.

We also came up with a list of future discussion topics that everyone can look forward to:
- Inexpensive date night ideas
- Ways to keep cool when crazy things happen
- Making routines that are realistic and manageable
- Sharing parental responsibilities between mom and dad
- How to prepare for multiple children or better known as, how not to feel outnumbered
- and Strengthening Families

 The Aspire and Ready to Learn group happens on the third Wednesday of each month. It is a chance to share stories or vent frustrations with other parents who are in your same circumstance. We provide the pizza and a lesson and you bring the children and discussion! Hope to see you there next month!

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