Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FREE Child Nutrition Class

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When I was young it seemed like all the adults made a big fuss out of eating my vegetables, the least appealing food on my plate. My grandma would hand us carrots saying "Eating these will make your eyes beautiful and healthy." My mom almost always included a side salad with our dinner. Even Popeye got in on the act, encouraging me to eat spinach so that I could have strong muscles like him. It never made much sense to me as a child. Why eat the green stuff when the hamburgers and pizza tasted so much better?

Now, I am expecting my first child and once again I am encouraged to eat lots of green stuff. The difference is that now I understand it. I know that the food I eat will directly influence the health of my baby. I understand that the types of food I make for dinner now and throughout my children's life will make a difference. Now it's my turn to be the adult "making a fuss" about vegetables, and I want to live up to the part. However, I'm no nutrition expert so any of the information that I can get is greatly appreciated.

Fortunately, Coursera offers a FREE online Nutrition Class through Stanford for parents such as myself who are looking for information about helping their children eat healthy. The course covers information about what constitutes a healthy meal for children and how to prepare them as well as information about the risks associated with processed food and childhood obesity. It wont take up much of your time. The course lasts 5 weeks and the workload is only 2-4 hours a week. Why miss out on free education? Click here to learn more and register for the class. Don't wait! The next course starts January 13th 2013! 

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