Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Can Read Too Mom!

Even though your infant is not old enough to understand the words in a book, it is important to introduce books and reading at a young age

 Although usually when you first give an infant a book it looks kind of likes this: 

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As cute as they look trying to taste those books, the earlier infants are introduced to books, they can learn as they grow to enjoy books even more than they do tasting them.

Here are some tips From the book Keeping Your Baby Healthy The first 12 Months: by Paty Reid, on  "How You Read to Your Baby" 

Start Early with Sturdy Books
  • Find books that are made of cloth or cardboard. Let your baby hold and play with these books.
  • Choose a time when baby is ready to cuddle or quiet down. This will help them learn that it is a pleasant activity they can enjoy. 

Teach About how Books Are Put Together:
  • Teach by example and explain how you should treat a book, but remember that it may take time before your child will understand. 
  • The important thing is that you spend time together, it doesn't matter if the book is upside down or that they want to keep opening the book from back to front. 

Ideas for Reading With Your Child: 
  • Hold your child in your lap as you read and cuddle close
  • Talk about the book; explain the simple version of the story 
  • Ask questions about the pictures "What are they doing?" and "Where is the doggy?"

How to teach Values to Your Child Through Reading:
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  • Show love and affection while reading- they will be more likely to follow your example 
  • Children learn about feelings and emotions from books 
  • Help your child apply the stories to their own life and experiences ("how can you help someone else?"). 

and Remember: 
  • Keep Trying each day 
  • Adapt your reading time to your child's interest span (however many mins or seconds that may be today!)

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