Friday, August 9, 2013

Hungry for Parenting Tips? Check out these MommyBites

MommyBites, get it? bites! mommies who are hungry for parenting?! Yeah, I thought it was clever. Probably not.

Anyway! I was looking over the interwebs and found this great blog/website called It looks to have a ton of resources. And they seem to be quite reliable. I wanted to share this great resource they had - FREE Online Parenting Classes! Lets be real, parents are constantly hearing about new ideas, receiving suggestions of what to try, and being told when is the appropriate age to potty train. Some of it is helpful, and some isn't. You're the parent, you decide. We can learn a lot from each other, but we (parents) retain the right to say "Yes! This fits me! This fits my family!"

So here's the list of topics for their class that starts next week - I hope that one of them jumps out to you and that you put it on your calendar. Whatever the current'll find the perfect resource! And maybe its one of these MommyBites!

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