Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Empowering Families through Help Me Grow!

It is important for an organization to be able to articulate its goals (vision), what its members do to achieve those goals (mission), and why they have those goals in the first place (values). Our Help Me Grow team has been working on our own values, vision, and mission statement for several months now. We really wanted it to convey the essence of Help Me Grow.
The process of deciding how best to articulate what we are all about was actually quite enlightening. There is something powerful about sitting down and deciding exactly what you're all about. Here is what our Help Me Grow team came up with!


Family: We believe that healthy families are the best way to ensure a child’s optimal development. We are invested in the well-being of families.
Community: We believe that deliberate collaboration among community members is key to positive change.
Compassion: We believe in carefully listening to families’ needs and responding with respect and empathy.
Persistence: We believe in facing challenges from a point of resourcefulness, devising a  strategic plan, and working until the issue gets resolved.
Excellence: We believe in providing our services in a reliable, timely, and professional manner. We seek ongoing quality improvement.


Help Me Grow Utah’s vision is a vibrant community environment in which families have the desire, resources, and confidence to make the best decisions for their child’s development and future.


Help Me Grow Utah’s mission is to promote the optimal development of young children by

  • linking families to information and community resources related to child development and parenting
  • providing personalized care coordination
  • creating and facilitating partnerships within the community to improve the  availability and quality of services for families

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