Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Preserve Precious Memories

Yesterday was my dad's 55th birthday. Happy Birthday dad!  With milestones like this, I sometimes get thinking about what have I done with my life, and how can I preserve the memories?  
At our Sunday family gathering, my aunt brought along several binders that included tons of family photos.  For the first time, I saw pictures of my mom as a baby.  There is something fascinating about seeing a memory that was captured many years ago. 
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The first few years of life are critical for a baby, and I encourage you to cherish each moment as best you can.  Be creative -Here are 4 ways you can capture your little one's adventures:
        • Write them down. Write a letter to your baby, or keep a journal of her milestones. She'll love to look back at it when she has kids of her own.
        • Take pictures. - Don't forget your camera, or phone, or picture taking device. Wherever you go, kid's always find adventure!
1959: My mom and grandma 
        • Keep your baby's treasures in a treasure box. Their first baby blanket, a favorite book, a painting. They will appreciate it in about 20 years.

        • Make handprints - Trace your child's handprint on their birthday and show them how they've grown.

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 As you create memories, you are tracking your child's development as well. To access the Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire, contact Help Me Grow!

How do you do keep precious memories alive?

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