Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Parents matter!!

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According to the Talaris Institute, attachment is the foundation for a child's expectation that people they love and depend on will support and help them when they need them.

Why does attachment matter?

When children experience comfort and acceptance consistently within the first year, typically, they will  develop secure attachment and will contribute to healthy brain development.  

                                                                       What can parents do?

  • Respond and play with your baby as often as possible.
  • Touch is important for creating attachment. - wear your baby in an infant carrier, hold them often
  • Talk to your baby during every day moments like diapering, feeding, and bathing. This aides in formation connections in the brain between emotions, actions, and the responses of their parents or caregivers. 
  • Remember that quiet moments are better times to connect than when things are busy, exciting, or new. 
  • Support their exploration when it is safe, setting limits when necessary, and allowing the child to return to you for reassurance or comfort when needed
  • Don't be afraid to turn to people you trust to help and support you
  • Talk about their feelings- young children need your help to cope with emotions
  • Be there to support your child as they venture out. Provide a safe place for them to return for when the world feels too big.
  • The ability to make amends is key to making a relationship feel secure.This will teach your child that when mistakes or disagreements happen, you will recognize the mistake, understand their reaction to the error, and behave differently in the future. 


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