Friday, February 8, 2013

Apps save lives!! Do you have an app for that?

Let’s be honest. Isn't that the question these days? And amazingly enough, there really IS always an “app for that”. It constantly amazes me. Incredible tools are available, not just with mobile apps, but also through social media tools, software, and other devices. Recently, I've found some extremely useful apps all along the spectrum. Here are a few that might be helpful to you as parents.

The first one was starts with this amazing story shared in multiple news publications back in 2010. The CNN article records, “Alone in the darkness beneath layers of rubble, Dan Woolley felt blood streaming from his head and leg. Then he remembered -- he had an app for that. Woolley, an aid worker, husband, and father of two boys, followed instructions on his cell phone to survive the January 12 earthquake in Haiti.” (Read article here)


The app is produced by the American Heart Association and has over 30 instructional videos and illustrations to educate individuals on CPR and First Aid. Click here for more info.

A second app, is almost as incredible when it comes to survival techniques. This app helps parents survive the inevitable period of potty training. My little niece was successfully potty trained, but when her little brother was born, she had a little set back and started having accidents again. I think its going to be a long haul for my sister.  Someone had told us about a potty training app and when I showed it to my sister and my niece, she fell IN LOVE with it and whenever I’m visiting, tells me that she wants to play the Potty Training Memory Game. No really. EVERYtime i'm there. And she makes sure to tell me that she's potty trained. If you need a good laugh, just to their website and watch their video. You’ll love it. And now, you’ll be able to survive potty training too!

The third app to share is from one of my favorite books called Press Here by Henre Tullet. One of the funnest, interactive books ever! Written for preschool ages, it teaches them how to interact with a book and learn directions, movements shapes and colors. Its unreasonably fun for a 28 year old. (I shouldn't admit that…) The app takes you through similar games that the book has and is really colorful and visually stimulating. Honestly, a great baby shower gift! The book and the app together! Perfect.

So whether you need help at you're scuba diving, taking wedding pictures, recording your gas mileage – just know that resources abound. There’s got to be an app for that!

What are your favorite apps that you use? Share the golden nuggets of technology with us!

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