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7 Ways To Keep Your Little Champ Healthy

A friend recently posted a question about her baby boy: "My baby is 17 days old, and he slept through the night! Should I wake him up to feed him? Or should I just let him sleep? Also, how often should I bathe my baby?"
 These may be questions or concerns that you have, so here are seven pointers about your baby’s body to help keep him healthy as your little champion continues to grow!!

Seven Ways to Keep Your Baby's Body Healthy and Happy!

Body - A baby does not need to be bathed every day.  About 3-4 times a week should be enough to keep him clean. Baby skin is very sensitive, so make sure to moisturize him after bathing. Make sure to keep the diaper area clean to avoid irritation and infection.  It is not necessary to wash the baby’s hair more than once or twice a week. Check out a previous post about an infant massage! It's great for right after bathing your child.
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Helpful Hint: If possible, let baby go without diaper as much as possible, allowing time for the sore to heal.  Change diaper each time he wets or has a bowel movement. Rinse skin in warm water, and you may want to soak baby's bottom for a few minutes to remove bacteria. 
            Never leave your baby alone in the in the bath, not even for one second!!!!!

Eyes - A brand new baby will have swollen eyes shortly after delivery. Around the eyes may become crusty and goopy. Use warm water and a cotton ball wipe from inner to outer corner. 

Nose – As your baby grows, he wills start producing more mucus, which is normal.  Use a bulb syringe to clean baby’s nose. You may need to soften mucus with salt water before using the syringe.
Helpful Hint: If baby's mucus is dried out, make your own nose drops! Combine one cup water with ¼ tsp salt. Bring water to boil and let it cool at room temperature.  After cooling, use an eye dropper to put 2-3 drops of cooled solution in each nostril.

Tummy - Worried about if baby is getting enough to eat? Count the number of wet diapers during day. If he has 6 or more wet ones a day, then he is eating enough and getting enough liquid.

Drooling Mouth - This is normal because your baby is making more saliva, especially during teething  – to prevent chapped skin, keep face dry and you may want to use Vaseline around mouth.

Skin - A baby's skin is very sensitive. Be sure to moisturize often. If chapped skin especially inside the elbows and behind the knees persists for extended time, see your pediatrician for further examination. 

Head - Do you notice a buildup of scaly crust on the scalp that do not brush out or go away when the scalp is washed? This is called cradle cap. It’s caused because there are more oils in the skin in affected area, from extra hormones or yeast. 
Helpful Hint:
- Wash hair more frequently with mild soap or baby/dandruff shampoo.
-Don’t use lotions or oil on baby’s head; this can cause buildup of scales on skin.
-Wash the scalp with very soft brush or use a wash cloth to loosen the crusts.

If any of these treatments do not work after two weeks, please take your baby to your pediatrician for further examination.

 Source: Keeping Your Baby Healthy: The First 12 Months Patty Reid, B. S., Ed.; R.N.

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