Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Toddler Tip: Movement

Does it seem like your toddler is constantly on the move? As adults we naturally want them to learn self-control, and to sit still and be quiet (usually for a little peace of mind). But did you know that if you give them opportunities to run around, jump, and touch lots of different types of things that they will naturally start to slow down because their brains are trying to process all the different sensations and information that is coming in (it is exhausting work, figuring out the world). Try to give them a couple 30-minute blocks full of sensory experiences, as well as large and small motor activities, throughout the day and you will find that not only are they learning a lot, but they seem to have larger periods of time where they are able to be a little less wild (you will have to establish and re-establish your expectations because their long-term memories aren't anywhere near developed yet, but they'll be more capable of self-control), all because they had the opportunity to do what toddlers do best: EXPLORE!

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