Friday, July 13, 2012

Home Safe Home

So, we missed Safe Kids Week in April, and Poison Awareness Week in March, so here's for a late celebration! Or rather, an terrifically exciting informational blog post :).

When we think child safety, a couple words may pop into our minds:
Seat belts. Helmets. Sunscreen. Strangers.

See the common theme? Outside the home. Most of the things parents are most cautious about are threats outside the home. But what about the dangers that may exist in the home? Here are some tips for keeping your home sweet home a safe one!

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The leading cause of child poisonings is medications. Every day, about 65 young children go to the emergency room after getting into medications when a parent or caregiver wasn't looking. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has started a pretty awesome campaign called Up and Away and Out of Sight. They give 6 suggestions to keep medications safely away from your child.

1. Pick a place your children cannot reach.
Find a place in your house that is too high for your children to reach or see. Take into account that children can be pretty creative with climbing chairs, and counters.

2. Put medicines away every time.
Even if you'll need to give it to them again in a couple hours, put it away. Never leave it on the counter or on a bedside table.

3. Make sure the safety cap is locked.
Hear the click!

4. Teach your children about medicine safety.
Explain why you have to be the one to give them medication. Never tell your child that medicine is like candy to get them to take it.

5. Tell your guests about medicine safety.
Children always seem to find and get into purses and coat pockets. Ask guests to put purses, bags, and coats up and away when they're in your home.

6. Be prepared in case of an emergency.
Despite your efforts, things can happen. Have the number for poison control handy. Program it into your phone today! 800-222-1222

You can even join the pledge here. I just pledged to follow those 6 tips in my own home :)

And here's a short video from SafeKids USA.

Cleaning Supplies can also be a threat in the home.

Up and away is also a good protocol for keeping those cleaning supplies off those little fingers and out of those little mouths. If you decide to keep your cleaning supplies down low, say under the kitchen sink, locks can do magic.

Use cabinet locks to safely keep children out of cleaning supplies.

Keep in mind that cleaning supplies can leave residue in the home and be dangerous even if your child doesn't get into the bottle. Pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable to these chemicals.

So--why not try green cleaning?

There are some household items that have no chemical risk and are already in your cupboards. Here are some safer cleaners to use in your household:
Works as multi-purpose cleaner when you mix it with warm water. Use it to clean surfaces, the floor, and with newspaper to clean windows. Vinegar cuts grease and mildew.
Baking Soda
Mix a little warm water with baking soda and scrub it into cracks and build up.
Baking soda is also a natural deodorizer so sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit, and vacuum it up!
Olive Oil
Can be used to polish wooden or metal surfaces.
Lemons/Lemon Juice
Lemons are great degreasers and deodorizers. Stick a half of a lemon in the fridge when trying to get rid of a stinky smell. 
Flour and Vinegar
I tried this one out and it works like magic! Mix flour and vinegar together in a 1:1 ratio until it is like a paste. Then rub it onto stains in the tub, sink, or bathroom sink. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rub it off. It takes off stains better than any heavy duty cleaner and has no dangerous fumes or chemicals.

What are some other safe cleaners you use?

So give it a try! Lock up those cleaning supplies or try using some less hazardous cleaners. To get rid of old cleaning products, contact your local county health department for their Household Hazard Waste Day. (Utah County's is in April!)

More RESOURCES about making a safe home:
Good luck making your home sweet home a safe one!


  1. I love using vinegar for cleaning! I also use Dr. Bronner's Castile soap for most everything. Thanks for the informative post.