Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pattern and Memory Activities

When I was a little kid I remember watching "Winnie the Pooh" and noticing some dust on the TV screen. As I sipped water from my water bottle I had a brilliant idea; spray off the dust with water! Just like a car wash sprays dirt off a car. 
Not so brilliant. My parents didn't buy another television for 2 years after I destroyed the first one. 
During those 2 years, my mom created lots of activities and games to keep me and my siblings occupied, and I have more memories from those years than any other time during my childhood. 
Whether you have decided to restrict television viewing, or just want to add more games to your arsenal of activities, here are a few that are cheap and easy to make, plus they have tons of developmental benefits!

Color-Matching Clothespins

Paint samples--2 of each color variety (1 for clothespins and 1 for matching)

Make it!
Cut out each color on the first paint sample, then glue onto clothespins. When glue is dry, clip on the second paint sample. Done.

Fabric Memory Game


Fabric scraps
Felt--solid color
Sewing machine or fabric glue

Make it!
Cut out 2 squares of each fabric pattern, as well as 2 squares of felt for each pattern you choose.  Glue or sew patterned squares onto felt.

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