Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Family Fun Events

I grew up in a small town in southern Texas. Many of my friends ask me what I did for fun in a town that celebrated the opening of Chili's. I always think back to the events that our community put on that were unique and entertaining. I loved those growing up, so here are some I have found in this area for your family! So get out a pen and open your calendar!

In Provo, we are blessed by the events that Brigham Young University hosts. Head on over to BYU with your family and a friend’s family if you would like. Walk around these different galleries with your children and then allow them to run around the campus and play games with each other such as tag, hide ‘n go seek, freeze tag, etc. 
These are a few art shows:
“BYU Beneath Your Feet” will help you discover more about the Fremont people who lived here before us. It is located in the BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures: 700 N 100 E in Provo till April 1, 2012.
“Art Exhibition: Wide-open Spaces” showcases beautiful landscape paintings by Diane and Sam Stewart. This exhibition will end March 10, 2012. Another exhibition is “The Weir Family 1820-1920” which shows art pieces from public and private collections from all over the country. This will be here till May 19, 2012. Another wonderful art exhibition is “Fleeting Impressions” which wonderfully illustrates France, Germany, London, and Venice. This will end on April 7, 2012. Both of these exhibitions are located in the BYU Museum of Art (MOA) which is located on North Campus Drive in Provo.
“Into Africa: Exploring Nature’s Interactions” contains masterfully hand paintings that portray Africa’s landscape, people, and animals. This leaves December 31.

We are also blessed with a rich environment in the town of Provo itself. Here are some events your family can do together around Provo:

On the first Friday of each month this year, go to Historic Downtown Provo for amazing music, art, theatre, and more that will keep you entertained all evening! It is located on Historic Downtown Provo Center Street and University Avenue.
February 18, take your children to Seven Peaks to try hockey for free! Children from the ages of four to ten can come enjoy ice skating! The address is 100 North Seven Peaks Boulevard.
Drive down to Spanish Fork for the 53rd Annual Spring Parade of Gems! It will be at Spanish Fork Fairgrounds: 475 S Main Street Spanish Fork.  

Every now and then it is refreshing to get out of Utah Valley and head north to Salt Lake City. Pack the car with snacks and get ready to sing songs and play games on your way to some wonderful activities in Salt Lake!
Enjoy the 2002 Winter Olympics February 17 from 6-9 p.m. with sport exhibitions, torch lighting by Speedskating athletes, pictures and autographs from athletes, Parade of Nations, and much more! It will be at 5662 S 4800 W (Cougar Lane). If you cannot make it then, head on over to the Gateway Shopping Center, 18 N Rio Grande Street, for many of the same activities February 18 from 10 a.m.-5p.m.

On April 9, admission to The Natural History Museum of Utah is free! Reserve your tickets in advance and drive on over to 301 Wakara Way. Learn about history with your children!
Get outside and walk around Memory Grove Park to see a replica of the Liberty Bell and Utah veteran’s memorials. Play games with the kids on the grass and enjoy some fresh air! The park is located at 300 North Canyon Road.

I hope that you and your family will enjoy these different activities! Playing around the house is always a blast, but growing up I learned getting out of the house is nice too! Especially when going to free activities in the community. 
What are some of your favorite activities?       

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