Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Capsules

2012 is here and many people are setting New Year's resolutions in hope of making them last longer than they did the previous year. One way to involve your children is to make a time capsule for this year. This is a fun activity that lasts all year long and the children have something that they can look back on in 10 years. I remember making time capsules as a child and since then have been able to open them. I could not believe some of the random things I put in my capsule, but at the time I must have felt they were valuable items.
The capsule can be made with a large snack tub, a cookie tin, or any type of sealed box you can find around your house. You can have a variety of colored paper, stickers, markers, sequins, and other craft items for your child to decorate their capsule with. This allows your child to express their creativity and individuality.
Throughout the year have your child fill their capsule with memorable items such as, photos, ticket stubs, birthday cards, and anything that is important to them NOW. At the end of the year, you can seal the capsule and have memories that will be cherished.

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