Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Who" Questions

Who? You!

Round #1

Q: Who is that?
A: Duh...it's Grandma!

Round #2

Q: Okay, its grandma. But WHO is grandma?
A: Um...mom's mom?

Round #3
Q: thats true. She's a relative. Who is grandma?

Asking "Who" questions can be really helpful for children to define relationships, roles and identity. It helps to identify how people work in the story. It will often lead to the usage of other follow-up questions, such as What or Why.

While reading a story like Goldilocks and the Three Bears:
  • Who is that little girl?
  • Who are those bears?
  • Who is the Papa bear?
  • Who's house is she in?
In other situations you can ask the who questions and follow up questions:

  • Who did you draw this for?
  • Why did you draw this picture for him?
  • What is your picture about?
  • Why will he like it?
Just remember that asking questions and getting the child to talk and explain and describe and develop answers is the most important part of learning.

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