Friday, January 13, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dates

As the oldest of 7 children, I often felt not only like the official babysitter for the family, but also a need for more attention from my parents sometimes. Time I got to spend one-on-one with my parents became special when we started going on daddy-daughter dates! My dad would find special opportunities every once in a while to take just me, or me and my little sister to go do something together. From the time I was young until today, I cherish the special moments I get to spend with my parents. When I was younger, I loved going with my daddy to stop by his office. He would introduce me to his co-workers and his boss, and I would feel so special! Even though we didn’t play together in the office, I had fun watching my dad work, playing with office supplies, and spinning in his office chair. Then on the way home, we would have time to talk about how I was doing or things I needed help understanding.
My Dad and I
Daddy-daughter dates are great on any budget! Going to my dad’s office was free. Making a fort, jumping in a leaf pile, coloring pictures, or blowing bubbles are also free and age appropriate. These kind of one-on-one experiences are when you can set an example for your child, at any age, of how you would like others to treat them. If your daughter grows up feeling cherished and respected by her father, she will search for these qualities in her friendships and in the people she will date or marry.
The same things can happen with your son, and you will also have the opportunity to discuss how to give men and women proper respect.
No matter the number of siblings your child has, taking time to periodically get away from the normal routine will help solidify your relationship with your child as they grow and develop. Remember that this is a great way to have fun and set a good example of appropriate social behavior. 
What are some fun daddy-daughter dates your family has done?

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