Monday, November 28, 2011

the BEST uses of masking tape

We are back from Thanksgiving weekend! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday! We are going to share some fun, free activities to do with your kids using masking tape today. Masking tape is usually one of those things you have lying around somewhere. I have always used it for packing and labeling boxes so I was so excited when I saw these fun activities using masking tape on Pinterest (a fun site, especially to search for kids activities). These activities encourage creative play and get the imaginations going!

A Masking Tape Car Track? Or how about a whole Masking Tape Town? This is an easy, inexpensive way to let your kids' imaginations grow without buying new toys. Whether you have a big open play room or a compact living room, kids can enjoy a track made just for them. And if they get tired of it, you can always make a new track virtually anywhere in the house. Masking tape shouldn't ruin your things (duct tape would be a little risky) but you might want to give it a test before going all out. All you need is tape, imagination and some cars, trucks or trains. It looks so fun and there are no limits!


This Masking Tape Letter is another idea that I love. You use the tape to form a letter (names and words work too!) on a piece of paper and let you kid scribble away. When they are done, remove the tape and you have a perfect monogram created by your wonderful child! It can make a great gift for a loved one as well.

I love finding new uses for everyday materials. Have you ever used masking tape for fun activities or crafts?

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