Monday, June 27, 2011

Dr. Brazelton and Touchpoints

Who is T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.?
He is a pediatrician who is known as the first person to place the observation of the child/parent interaction at the center of his pediatric research. This lead to the now common knowledge that children’s personalities can shape mothering styles (calm, less active babies produce a confident, satisfied mother). He has experience as a beloved pediatrician to two generations of patients. His great empathy for the universal concerns of parenthood and his candor and wit as he explains the complex feelings parenthood engenders, have made him America’s favorite pediatrician.
What is Touchpoints?
Touchpoints was written by Dr. Brazelton and is the essential guide for every parent of an infant or toddler. Families everywhere have long found reassurance and much-needed support from this book. Boston Globe says, “If you read only one book while your child is an infant, go for T. Berry Brazelton’s Touchpoints.” Help Me Grow’s team would also have to agree!
Part One is a chronological account of the touchpoints of development—the predictable spurts that are often preceded by distressing regressions. Part Two is an alphabetical reference to the most common problems of early childhood. Part Three explains the vital role of the child’s “allies in development”—mothers and fathers, grandparents, nannies and childcare centers, pediatricians and nurses, and friends.

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