Friday, May 27, 2011

Activity: Clothesline Theater

PRESENTING………a simple theater to set the stage in your backyard! 

·         2 (6-foot) lengths of polypropylene clothesline
·         3 old sheets
·         Paint
·         Clothespins
·         Dozen 1 1/4-inch binder clips
1.       String up two parallel lengths of polypropylene clothesline 6 feet apart. Paint scenery on a background sheet, as we've done -- or pin on scenery cut from or painted on craft paper -- then use clothespins to attach the sheet to the line farthest from the audience.
2.       For the curtains, suspend two sheets from the front clothesline using 1 1/4-inch binder clips hung at 1-foot intervals. The clothesline should go through the clips' triangular centers, allowing kids to slide the curtains open and closed for dramatic effect. 
Does drama contribute to child development? 

You bet it does! Drama facilitates social and cognitive development. It deals with aspects of development like imagination and creativity; capacity for cooperation and sharing. It increases the ability to communicate and express. Good oral communicators find it easier to make friends and will find it easier in the long term to find and hold good jobs. Drama helps develop problem solving; independent thinking/mental development; self-reliance; taking initiative; decision making and improved self-confidence. Other areas of development include physical development and artistic development. 

Create this fun clothesline theater and let your child develop through drama! Enjoy the show!

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