Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keep your Children Safe This Halloween

Halloween is one the most popular holidays. Kids of all ages love Halloween, big or small. They get to wear a costume and collect free candy. What;s not to like about that! Let's give our kids some specials Halloowen memories, that will stay with them for life.

Today we need to be more aware of our environment, trick or treating isn't what it used to be. Today it seems more dangerous to go outside and take candy from a stranger. We need to be responsible as adults to keeps our kids safe and give them a good experience with happy memoriess.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween:
  • Trick or treat with your children.
    • Even if you think you know the neighbor. An adult or a much older sibling should be several steps behind children when they knock on that door.
  • Skip the house on the block that familiar to you or looks sketchy.
  • Stay on a busy street.
  • Plan a safe route.
  • Go to houses that expect you.
    • go only to houses with lit porches
  • Kids should never go inside any house no matter what, even if you think you know the person who lives there.

Happy Halloween

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