Monday, October 25, 2010

Gift From Mummy Game

Here is a fun little game for you and your kids to play around Halloween. Simply take a roll of toilet paper and about 10 small prizes, such as little critters or tiny candies. Unroll the roll of toilet paper and tape a small, lightweight prize to the end of a roll of toilet tissue. Wrap up the prize in the toilet tissue and continue taping prizes and wrapping them until the roll is completely wrapped.
Ask players to sit in a circle. Each person gets to wrap the end of the toilet tissue around a body part (an arm, forehead, waist, ankle and so on) until she finds a prize. She then tears the paper and passes the roll to the next player. Play continues until all the prizes have been unrolled.
The kids end up looking like mummy's and get a prize too! What could be greater than that? We of course did not come up with this great idea all by ourselves. Click on the following link for our source and look around for other fun Halloween game ideas!

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