Wednesday, January 3, 2018

10 Things Dads can do for Mom-to-be

Hi all! As most of you know I am pregnant with my first child and my husband and I are super excited! Most of our friends already have kids and some of them have mentioned that the husbands/partners just didn’t really know what to do during the pregnancy. Mom is doing most of the work (i.e. Growing the baby, feeling the baby, going through morning sickness) and sometimes the dads can feel helpless. I’m hoping that this post helps dads know what they can do during the pregnancy. Because trust me dads, you are needed and wanted!

  1. Be a good listener and be understanding. Let your partner vent to you and just listen and ask how you can help... don’t try and fix everything just be there to listen. Also talk about your feelings with her as well. Listening to each other about each other’s feelings during the pregnancy will help.
  2. Pitch in and help out more than you usually do. This includes help with the chores, grocery shopping, and cooking. Life can start to get overwhelming... especially while pregnant.
  3. Be her photographer! Capture pictures of her and the bump as it continues to grow! You both will love being able to look back at these after the baby is born.
  4. Talk about your finances and benefits that your employer may offer. If you don’t know what your benefits are, take some time to talk to your employer. Set a budget if you need to for the medical and baby expenses. Life will be less stressful if you do this before the baby comes.
  5. Help mom pack a hospital bag with her stuff and stuff for the baby as well. Make a list and pack your own things for the hospital as well. Here is a good list of what you might need.
  6. Get educated about pregnancy, giving birth, and child development (Dial 2-1-1 and ask for HMG if you want some good information on these topics). Do your reading, googling, and ask your doctor your questions. Being involved will help your partner feel supported.
  7. If mom is getting healthy you should too! Support your partner, by trying to eat healthier meals together and staying active. This not only will help mom physically, but it also helps mentally and emotionally.
  8. Show mom some love. For example: Tell her she is beautiful, buy more pillows, run her a bath with some salts, give lots of massages, ask her if there is anything she needs.
  9. Make time for the both of you and make memories. You won’t get a lot of alone time once the baby comes so make sure to go on some dates. This article had some fun ideas!
  10. Lastly, during this time you are her partner, her advocate, her support. Mom and baby will be relying a lot more on you. If it ever feels like you don’t know what to do or what is needed take a moment to go back through this list.

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