Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Music in the Home

Music has always been essential to my life. Growing up my family would sing together every morning before school. And I’ve continued to learn new instruments (just the basics) and love almost all forms of music. I’m so grateful that my parents incorporated so much music into my life. Maybe you had a similar experience, maybe you didn’t. Either way, you can make music something special and important in your child’s learning and here’s why you would want to.

Music is fun
Music is a great way to connect with family. Whether simply singing in the car or testing out funky CDs from the library or testing out some home-made musical instruments, time dedicated to music is sure to make smiling memories. Create a family band! Pull out those pots and pans and bang on them with spoons! Play pretend rock concert with air guitars! Have a dance party while everyone cleans up from dinner! Even the simplest ideas will be amusing.

Chances to perform boost self-esteem
I was always intimidated by solos as a child and I wonder if performing more for my family would have helped me to overcome this. Kids learn confidence from little and big performances. Performing is a great opportunity to work hard to achieve a goal and receive praise for reaching it. What child won’t be grinning from ear to ear from a big round of applause after a stunning performance of Mary had a little lamb? Kids love to be praised and to know that their mommy and daddy are proud of them.  

Self-esteem can also be boosted by uplifting positive lyrics. My friend always tells me how she listened to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World as a teen which reminded her that things would all work out in the end. I’m sure we all have songs that we learned as kids whose messages still uplift us today. Good lyrics can have a big impact on growing kids. This also means that negative or inappropriate lyrics will stay in little minds as well. So let’s be careful to always be listening to good music around kids!

Music helps kids to focus and learn
By involving music early in their lives, kids will be able to focus and know how to learn (an important skill we don’t always think about). Music teaches necessary skills such as coordination, goal-setting, concentration and cooperation. Even little kids can learn to recognize different instruments or learn to follow a melody! Music will help kids in other areas of their school preparation because kids who develop their musical talents are also likely to do better in reading, math and science (see the second link below).
For more information about music for kids visit the websites below!

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