Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why is knowing about Child Development Important?

Some parents tell me they are not interested in completing a developmental screening because their child is not behind. A common myth about these screenings are that they are only looking for delays in your child’s development. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire administered by Help Me Grow does so much more than identify delays. It also helps caregivers to see the strengths their child has and how much they are already learning even as young as 2 months.

These screenings and the information shared by your Help Me Grow Parent Support Specialist can also help you to know what you should be expecting. For example, a concerned mother told me her young daughter who would usually go to anyone who wanted to hold her without complaint. Now she only wants her mother or father and it takes a while to warm up to the family members she didn’t regularly see. This is a typical part of development for the child.
          It is important note that although the questionnaire highlights strengths and learning, it is just as important that it points out any noticeable delays as well. This tool is not diagnostic; we cannot identify any particular disability or health concerns. It alerts us to the possibility of a concern and these early signs can help get the correct treatment early.

        Being aware of your child’s development will help to prepare them for school. For example, communication plays a huge role in helping your child begin to learn letters, numbers, words and eventually to read. Knowing your child is developmentally on track will give you the peace of mind that your child will be ready for when it is time to start school.
        As always remember that if you are worried about being a good parent, that simply means you are doing a great job!  To take the Ages and Stage Questionnaire go here.

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  1. I am a mom with 4 kids, the 2 already grown up and the other still a child, I am a fail mom who really want to changes herself and take better care of my daughters,
    thanks for sharing this nice post