Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Team Member Spotlight: Gentri

1. My greatest joy in life is in being a mother. I love my little toddler; her sassy personality brings a smile to my face each day.

2. I am the oldest of four children in my family, and I am 17 years older than my youngest brother. My sister is expecting her first baby in April, and I am so excited to be an aunt!

3. I grew up in American Fork, UT, and I had never moved until going to college. I’ve now moved 9 times in the last 5 years. During that time, I spent a summer in Los Angeles, California and another summer near Dallas, Texas.

4. I went to school at Utah Valley University, and started out studying Early Childhood Education.  I graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science and an emphasis in Family Studies just 3 weeks before my daughter was born.

5. I love making budgets. It’s soothing to me to know how each penny is spent.

6. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. I especially love cheesy, feel-good books- (think Jane Austen type novels).

7. My favorite place to go when traveling is the beach. It doesn’t matter where; I love the relaxing sound of the ocean. Add the sun and the sand, and that’s my idea of a perfect vacation!

8. One of my hobbies is baking. I especially love making macaroons, though they can be tricky to get just right. Fun fact: the little ruffles around the edges are called "feet."

9. I’ve always had a love for music. Growing up, I learned to play the piano, flute, guitar, and organ. There’s no way I could play all those instruments today, but I still do love music. Right now, I find it empowering to listen to music with lyrics that apply to my life.

10- My favorite part of my job as a Care Coordinator with Help Me Grow is hearing from families when they feel like they’ve found hope in their circumstances and have the confidence to keep going in the sometimes tough world of parenting. 

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