Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Healthy Resolutions for You and Your Family

With New Year's well in our rear view mirror, so are a lot of our healthy new resolutions. Resolutions can be difficult for us to keep. Setting one big goal with the deadline a year away allows us to push off any urgency in making healthy changes. Some of us launched so hard and heavy into the goal that we're already suffering from burn out. While setting out for the larger goal of being healthier is a good thing, we often forget the importance of breaking our goals into smaller steps. Here are some suggestions on smaller goals to help improve the overall nutrition and health of you and your family.

Meal Planning- Trainers will always tell you that fitness is 80% what you eat! Planning meals out in advance not only helps you to not over eat when you come home from work or while you’re shuttling kids around to practice and events, but it can also help your budget. It is much easier to plan your meals on a full stomach and having made the decision beforehand to include healthier options with each meal. Click here to look at ideas for meal planning.

Add a green smoothie- Sometimes even the best laid plans end in microwaved hot dogs for dinner. That’s okay; just add a green smoothie. You can hide a lot of vegetables in a green smoothie that tastes like a banana. Make it a goal to add a green smoothie to a couple meals a week. Your kids will think it’s a treat while secretly getting a lot of vegetables. For smoother consistency blend your greens first, before adding your fruits. Click here for more information on kid friendly green smoothies.

Move- Everyone dreads hearing the word "exercise." We think of long, mind-numbing hours on a treadmill or looking foolish at the gym while trying to figure out the equipment. However, there are many ways to sneak in exercise without thinking it’s a workout. In the summer, once the days get longer, enjoy a family walk to the park or around the block. Make it your after dinner treat instead of dessert. Put on some music and have an indoor dance party. Do some stretching, and let your kids make up new exercise moves. Play tag with your kids. Everyday moments can become exercise without a gym membership!

Drink more water- Make it a goal to replace just one daily sugary drink with water. You will be amazed at how much better you feel, and it can set a good example of choosing water over soda for your kids. I still remember the day my mom stopped all soda drinking at our house, expect for a small one on Sundays. As an adult, I am so thankful she did!

Remember, every day is an opportunity to be better than the one before.  Small changes make big differences in the long run.

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