Friday, July 1, 2016

Firework Safety Tips

Here in Utah, with the 4th of July and Pioneer Day, July means fireworks! Fireworks are a great activity for the whole family! However, it's important to know how to ensure that you and your kids stay safe when using fireworks. Check out these 10 tips to make sure your firework fun is safe and injury free!

1.  Find out your city’s laws about using fireworks. Checking with your city will ensure you know their requirements, restrictions and avoid any possible fines for using fireworks if they're not allowed.

2. Don't allow young children to handle fireworks, and older children should only use them under close adult supervision. 

3. Light fireworks one at a time and quickly move away. If a firework does not go off, never relight it! Wait 15-30 minutes after lighting the dud firework, then place it in a bucket of water. 

4. Fireworks should be used outdoors in a clear area (away from buildings and vehicles). They should be lit on a flat surface, avoiding grass or other plant areas. 

5. Invest in some soft, inexpensive earplugs for your young children. Even if they can handle the noise, it may still cause damage  to their ears! 

6. Sparklers are fun for all ages! However, they can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Make sure to not pass off a lit sparkler, stay at least six feet away from anyone using a sparkler, and wear closed toe shoes to prevent the sparks from burning your feet! Sparklers stay hot for a long time after they burn out, so be sure to put them in a bucket of water once you are done! 

7. Be sure to have a water hose, water bucket, or a fire extinguisher nearby when using fireworks.This way you'll be able to extinguish any flames or fireworks and be will ready for emergencies.

8. Soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them in a trash can

9. Other fireworks safety ideas should be provided in every package of fireworks sold to the general public. Take the time to read the instructions and fireworks safety standards the manufacturers provide. 

10. Be smart about your firework usage, but have fun!

Go to and for more information on firework safety!

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