Wednesday, June 1, 2016

National Trails Day

On the first Saturday of June each year, we celebrate National Trails Day!  We are privileged to live in a state covered by them!  These trails could include hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more.   You can celebrate with your family by helping clean up a trail close to your home and/or going on a trail with your family.

Taking your family out on trails is a great way to make memories.  It pulls you and your kids away from the electronics and gives you some great family time.  Plus, you get to see some beautiful scenery too.

Don’t know of trails you can take near your home?  Here are some helpful websites that could help you find the right trail for your family in Utah: 

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National Park Services -- Utah has 13 National Parks to choose from! 

For more trails, a simple internet search will help you find them!

When hiking with your kids, make sure to be prepared!
  1. Check the weather to avoid getting caught in a storm or too much heat
  2. Wear correct clothing for where you are hiking
  3. Sunscreen/bug repellent 
  4. Pack plenty of water
  5. Snacks (remember, whatever you pack in, you must pack out!)
  6. Have fun and go often!
What are some of your favorite trails to go on with your family?

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