Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Team Member Spotlight: Kylie

I'm Kylie! I'm a Care Coordinator for Help Me Grow Utah! I'm happy I get to work with so many of you. My job is to help families get connected to resources and information to help them be happy and successful. I love tacos, Harry Potter, and going on adventures! I am a fun and creative person, so in order for you to get to know me, I wrote a poem! Enjoy!

A Little About Kylie

One sunny, December morn
A beautiful baby girl was born
She was number seven in a family of eight
which was loud and crazy and pretty great!
She grew up in a town called Henderson
which is right next to the City of Sin.
When she was 18, to her family she bid adieu
As she went away to school at BYU
Although she always wished her alma mater
was Hogwarts, just like Harry Potter.
After she graduated with a public health degree
She worked for a while then left the country.
To Mexico she went for a year and a half
She could tell you lots of stories that will make you laugh.
Spanish was just one of the many things she learned
18 months later, to home she returned.
Soon after she was back she moved to Provo
And started working for Help Me Grow!
Her job is to connect, help and teach
So all kids, their potential they can reach!
She loves when she can help others be smiley
Don’t forget, her name is Kylie!

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