Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Gift of Christmas Presence

The countdown to Christmas has begun. It’s likely we all remember the memories associated with Christmas more than we remember the actual gifts we received. Help the season be magical by giving gifts of spending time together and creating memories throughout the year. Here are a few gift “presence” ideas I love:

  • Give season passes to your favorite places as a family. You'll enjoy hours of togetherness throughout the year!
  • Check out sites like KSL Deals or Groupon to find discounted activities you can do together. Think of all the memories you can build together while trying something new!
  • Buy equipment with a plan to use it together. For example, you can buy camping gear and plan to go a few times when summer comes again.
  • Choose toys and games that encourage more than one person to play. Spend time together following the lead of your child.
  • Make coupon books filled with lots of opportunities to spend one-on-one time together. Be creative, silly, or sentimental. It’s all about building a bond with your loved one.
  • Get your child a library card. It may sound silly to wrap up a library card, but think of all the books you can choose to read together. Make sure you get cozy if you’re reading a longer book together!
  • Decide that you’ll simply spend more time together with that family member you don’t see as much as you’d like to. Give the gift of periodic get-togethers. Decide on a few dates and put it on your calendar now to make it happen.
  • Treat your friend for a treat instead of giving a gift card. Spending time together will be the treat with delicious food being the bonus.
  • Make a plan to strengthen relationships with those you live with. One year, I gave my husband 24 planned date nights, two for each month of the year. Most were pretty simple while others took a bit more coordination. We always had a fun date night to look forward to, even amidst the necessity of making changes along the way.
Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with lots of presence. Feel free to share your great ideas to give the gift of presence!


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