Friday, October 30, 2015

DIY Haunted Candy Cottage

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Every year, friends and families get together to celebrate ghosts and goblins on Halloween. This year try something different with your little ones. Haunted Candy Houses! This spin off of a Christmas tradition is fun for everyone.

What you will need:
  • Paper plate or cardboard
  • Spoon or knife (plastic) for applying frosting
  • Graham crackers (4 or 6 whole rectangles per house)
  • Frosting: Vanilla or white (amount varies on number of desired colors)
  • Food coloring: green, purple, orange, black
  • Halloween candy! Here are some ideas:
    • Candy Corn/ Candy Pumpkins
    • Reese's Pieces
    • Halloween Peeps
    • Black Licorice
    • Gummy Worms                                                                                  
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Step One:
Cut the graham crackers into shapes for house foundation.
  1. Two pointed rectangle: 
    • Cut of edges of two rectangles (reference pictures)
  2. Four Squares: There will be two walls and two for the roof  
    • Break two rectangle crackers in half to get four squares
*If you want a bigger house, you can use whole graham crackers for the roof and sides. This would require 6 whole crackers instead of the four. 

Step Two:                                                                                            
1.      Use a thick amount of icing to connect each side of the house together.    
2.      Begin with one of the pointed graham cracker pieces. Apply icing to edges and hold side crackers on one at a time for a few seconds.
3.      Close the open side with the last pointed graham cracker.
Tip: Wait a few minutes to add roof. Works better if foundation is stable.
4.      Apply icing to each roof piece, and gently hold on top of house (one at a time). 
5.      Fill in any cracks with icing

Step Three:
Let the house sit for few hours (or overnight) while frosting hardens.

Step Four:
1.      Add desired food color to frosting.
2.      Apply to outside of house. (A variety of colors is encouraged!)
Step Five:
Decorate with candy! Help your child get creative and have fun with this Halloween activity. 


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